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Anonymous asked: Yamio when you talk about Yami and her maids (referring to desu drills) are you making a story *v* what is her story?? Will you make a comic? Or animation? *q*! Will you upload it? More about Yami background XD!

Ooooh yes she has a very long story! So do all my OCs! I would love to tell more about them, perhaps I should do a master post on dA or something! ♥ 

Yami has plenty of maids that protects her mansion. Yami herself is the guardian of a huge city, but she never shows her real identity so many people think she is this big scary devil woman or something. “Dark Rose” or “Yami Rose” ehehe that protects the city from the dark. 

But Yami is not very healthy so whenever there is not trouble she is sleeping and resting in her mansion. You could say that she is “burst” damage that needs alot of charging up. Her bad stamina/health is her biggest weakness.

This is super shot info on why she has maids haha! 

The story is long and complicated but I would love to tell more about it one day! *v* But I don´t wanna tell too much in case I do a comic, so there is not pre read spoilers ahh >////<

Anonymous asked: Can we see more of Yami? She so adorable <3333

I draw her quite often! But it is such random doodles that I forget about them ahaha. And I never get used to use Tumblr to upload sketches*sobs*

Anonymous asked: I love your voice I wish you talked more in your videos on youtube it helps me draw because I feel like I have a little pocket Yamio talking to me c:

Awww ioahjiosahduioshd iu omg soooo cute it sounds hauishauidh >//////<

HNNN I might do more videos when I talk then ahaha ;///o//;

Anonymous asked: Do you have any awesome hobbies? '^'

Well my biggest hobby is to draw ehehe T//o//T~

I had other hobbies before like swimming, horses, material arts, dog agillity but had to quit all due to my health. So it is drawing only atm I guess ♥

*unless watching anime counts too* -shot-

Anonymous asked: I LOVE U BBY


Anonymous asked: Who is your most favourite anime character?

Hnnnnn I have sooo many I love and it changed all the time hnn >//v//<

Sora and Shiro as a duo in No Game no life

LEVI hnnshdishd omg I LOOOVE Levi from Attack on Titan

Keima Katsuragi from The world God only knows

Madoka and Mami from Puella magi

Furude Rika/Bernkastel Fredrica from Higurashi/Umineko no naku koro ni

Luffy from One Piece

Makoto from Free

And yeah the list goes on ehehe ♥

Anonymous asked: Are you right handed, or left? *v*


Anonymous asked: Yamio-chwaaaan~! Which is your favorite tool for blending (SAI)?~

Hiiii! >//o//<

I use marker all the time, I never blend but if I must I would use the water tool I guess haha 

Live on, Yukine.
source : http://yamio.deviantart.com/art/Live-on-450497253?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398625453&amp;ga_type=edit&amp;ga_changes=1&amp;ga_recent=1

Live on, Yukine.

source : http://yamio.deviantart.com/art/Live-on-450497253?ga_submit_new=10%253A1398625453&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1

Anonymous asked: Can you make a tutorial for traditional manga art

I do draw a lot of traditional art however I never colour tradtional so I´m afraid I don´t have much advice to give. Check out Mark Crilley or Emperpep. I´m sure you will find something useful ♥


Made by Yamio



Made by Yamio

Got Request to draw Yami in HTTYD style! *v*
Was tons of fun! This is something I would love to draw in again ~

Got Request to draw Yami in HTTYD style! *v*

Was tons of fun! This is something I would love to draw in again ~