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WIP for Anon! ♥♥♥
My anaco—- ///v\\

WIP for Anon! ♥♥♥

My anaco—- ///v\\

reggitar asked: do you have a link to where i could download your brushes please??

I only have the default brushes , sorreh qAq ~

Anonymous asked: Maybe you could make a weebly page for your OCs //// It would look really cool ^v^

You think? hahahaha ////v\\

I don´t draw my OCs properly often nowdays. I should do that *crais* 

Anonymous asked: Hi!~ So I wanted to tell you something. Ya. K. Your art is amazing o///o Really really amazing! Your highlights, coloring, lineart, shading, literally everythinggg. Not to mention you as well. Your voice is adorableee. How are you such an adorable human. >////< Absolutely adorable. You sound so nice too ♡. Who am I kidding, you really are nice o////o. From one of your many people that admire you ♡.♡

Awwwwwwww gosh dhsaidfhsiufsdhifhh >////////////<

You flatter me ahaha! To much praise! THANK YOU ( //////)

Anonymous asked: Hello ;w; Can you please tell me how you make your chibis look kinda pixel-ated? Its so cute! Do you use small canvas or... AAH I CANT FIGURE IT OUT ALONE ;^;

Small canvas.


Sharpen in Photoshop.

There are many things 

dizmama asked: Oh gooosh I just went on a marathon on your vids! Ahhhh your pallet choices are to die for!! and alongside your style?! Who did you strike a dark pact with.


You are too kind hnnnn ////v\\\ I sold my soul the the rainbow god *Crais*

raquelthingsr asked: you don't know the way i admire you ;///v///;

N-nuuuh but now I do! Gosh thankies! >///////< 

Anonymous asked: What are you brush settings, if you don't mind me asking ;o;

I don´t have any special ones. 

And asking for all brushes is a little broad ahaha qAq; ♥

look at my speedpaint videos from YouTube and you will see what I use///

dnarte asked: Hello... I really like your art and style

Thank you so much //////// 

hoshiyukine asked: AHHHHH Senpai! Your art is sooooo amazing! How did you get into art? And y u so amazinngggg T^T


I just loved it from the start! I drew as a kid a lot when I was sad and it kept with me ♥