Yamis art blog

reggitar asked: do you have a link to where i could download your brushes please??

I only have the default brushes , sorreh qAq ~

Anonymous asked: Maybe you could make a weebly page for your OCs //// It would look really cool ^v^

You think? hahahaha ////v\\

I don´t draw my OCs properly often nowdays. I should do that *crais* 

Anonymous asked: Hi!~ So I wanted to tell you something. Ya. K. Your art is amazing o///o Really really amazing! Your highlights, coloring, lineart, shading, literally everythinggg. Not to mention you as well. Your voice is adorableee. How are you such an adorable human. >////< Absolutely adorable. You sound so nice too ♡. Who am I kidding, you really are nice o////o. From one of your many people that admire you ♡.♡

Awwwwwwww gosh dhsaidfhsiufsdhifhh >////////////<

You flatter me ahaha! To much praise! THANK YOU ( //////)

Anonymous asked: Hello ;w; Can you please tell me how you make your chibis look kinda pixel-ated? Its so cute! Do you use small canvas or... AAH I CANT FIGURE IT OUT ALONE ;^;

Small canvas.


Sharpen in Photoshop.

There are many things 

dizmama asked: Oh gooosh I just went on a marathon on your vids! Ahhhh your pallet choices are to die for!! and alongside your style?! Who did you strike a dark pact with.


You are too kind hnnnn ////v\\\ I sold my soul the the rainbow god *Crais*

raquelthingsr asked: you don't know the way i admire you ;///v///;

N-nuuuh but now I do! Gosh thankies! >///////< 

Anonymous asked: What are you brush settings, if you don't mind me asking ;o;

I don´t have any special ones. 

And asking for all brushes is a little broad ahaha qAq; ♥

look at my speedpaint videos from YouTube and you will see what I use///

dnarte asked: Hello... I really like your art and style

Thank you so much //////// 

hoshiyukine asked: AHHHHH Senpai! Your art is sooooo amazing! How did you get into art? And y u so amazinngggg T^T


I just loved it from the start! I drew as a kid a lot when I was sad and it kept with me ♥

cactuspeeps asked: I've been drawing myself for 6 year and of chores I'm still improving and your art has inspired me to improve to be as great as you, and i just want to say thank you and i love your are uvu.

Awwwwwww thankies so very much! //////////

Good luck! 

Anonymous asked: Yamio when you talk about Yami and her maids (referring to desu drills) are you making a story *v* what is her story?? Will you make a comic? Or animation? *q*! Will you upload it? More about Yami background XD!

Ooooh yes she has a very long story! So do all my OCs! I would love to tell more about them, perhaps I should do a master post on dA or something! ♥ 

Yami has plenty of maids that protects her mansion. Yami herself is the guardian of a huge city, but she never shows her real identity so many people think she is this big scary devil woman or something. “Dark Rose” or “Yami Rose” ehehe that protects the city from the dark. 

But Yami is not very healthy so whenever there is not trouble she is sleeping and resting in her mansion. You could say that she is “burst” damage that needs alot of charging up. Her bad stamina/health is her biggest weakness.

This is super shot info on why she has maids haha! 

The story is long and complicated but I would love to tell more about it one day! *v* But I don´t wanna tell too much in case I do a comic, so there is not pre read spoilers ahh >////<

Anonymous asked: Can we see more of Yami? She so adorable <3333

I draw her quite often! But it is such random doodles that I forget about them ahaha. And I never get used to use Tumblr to upload sketches*sobs*

Anonymous asked: I love your voice I wish you talked more in your videos on youtube it helps me draw because I feel like I have a little pocket Yamio talking to me c:

Awww ioahjiosahduioshd iu omg soooo cute it sounds hauishauidh >//////<

HNNN I might do more videos when I talk then ahaha ;///o//;

Anonymous asked: Do you have any awesome hobbies? '^'

Well my biggest hobby is to draw ehehe T//o//T~

I had other hobbies before like swimming, horses, material arts, dog agillity but had to quit all due to my health. So it is drawing only atm I guess ♥

*unless watching anime counts too* -shot-